Rome, Italy - 3 November 2016: Takis, a Biotechnology Company developing Innovative Genetic Vaccines, Monoclonal Antibodies and platform technologies for Cancer and Infectious diseases, is proud to announce the creation of EVVIVAX, Engineered Veterinary Vectored Immunotherapy and Vaccines.

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Dr Luigi Aurisicchio, CEO/CSO at Takis and EVVIVAX said:
"Cancer is a leading killer of pets today. Veterinarians and pet owners need new tools and options to enhance and extend quality
of life for animal companions living with Cancer.
EVVIVAX is dedicated to the development of Innovative Immunotherapies for Veterinary Oncology.
We aim to offer novel therapeutic avenues to pet cancer patients, with the strong translational potential to complement current human Immune-Oncology approaches in the next future.
We are seeking solid partnerships to fully develop our pipeline.

Genetic vaccines are emerging among the most promising methodologies. They utilize Viral or plasmid DNA vectors to deliver in vivo an expression cassette carrying the coding region of the antigen of choice in the subject to be vaccinated. EVVIVAX scientists engineer the antigens and use combinations of different genetic immunization modalities (heterologous prime/boost) as a powerful approach to induce superior immune responses and achieve greater clinical efficacy. EVVIVAX frontline products - Tel-eVax and Erb-eVax - have shown efficacy in a number of clinical trials for canine B-cell lymphoma and other solid tumours in Europe and in USA.

EVVIVAX is at the forefront of nucleic-acid based therapies, process development, industrial scale production and clinical trial execution and stems from new, European platform technologies.
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