Takis is proud to announce that Rever3mAb, our lead anti-HER3 antibody, was safe in a regulatory toxicology study conducted in rats. In addition, the antibody pattern of recognition in human tissues suggest no potential side effects in a future clinical trial.

Moreover, we have developed Rever3-Test, a IHC-based companion kit which will allow the identification of patients who will benefit of the anti-HER3 treatment in combination with chemotherapy.

"We are very happy to see that Rever3mAb was safe in a regulatory study, in addition to the great effects observed in preclinical models. We look forward to bringing our antibody in clinical trial next year." said Luigi Aurisicchio, CEO/CSO at Takis.

The project has been conducted thanks to the project "Sportello Innovazione" promoted by the Regione Campania and in close collaboration with Biogem (www.biogem.it).

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