Takis is proud to announce to be part of the Global Biotech week  in collaboration with Assobiotec. Our scientists will educate visitors showing innovations and driving technologies for cancer therapy. The topic will be:


Genetic vaccines: the future for infectious diseases and cancer

Roma – Takis Biotech Sala Seminari Piano 3B – Via Castel Romano, 100

Settore: Biotecnologie per la salute

Target: Università, ricercatori




In order to fight infectious diseases and cancer, our immune system has to face a number of problems, such as immunologic tolerance where immune suppression is exerted at systemic and local level. Therefore, the choice of antigens and vaccination technologies need to be exceptionally potent. A genetic vaccine is made of a DNA fragment which encodes for an antigen, administered as such (naked DNA) or embedded within an engineered viral vector. During the event, the associated technologies' clinical data obtained so far plus perspectives in this highly innovative biotechnology field will be discussed. The event will additionally comprise a Takis' Laboratories tour.

Please join us for this unique opportunity to learn how new technologies are revolutionizing cancer therapy.

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