A seminar titled : Harnessing the Immune System to fight Cancer: the power of genetic vectors for Veterinary applications was jointly given by Dr Luigi Aurisicchio (Takis Biotech) and Dr Joe Impellizeri (Veterinary Oncology Services)  and hosted by Prof. Oliver Garden, Professor of Comparative Medicine and Immunology at the Royal Veterinary College, London. Joe and Luigi presented the basics of Ad/DNA-EP based vaccine in canine patients, identification of connected Biomarkers, Immune Response and the promising data obtained in clinical trials in LSA and solid tumor types.


Thank you for presenting your exciting data. I have received positive feedback and enjoyed hosting you at the RVC as part of the OncoSIG programme. I look forward to continuing our dialogue in due course” – declared Prof. Garden


“Visiting RVC was a fantastic experience: great place, research topics at the forefront of veterinary Immunology. The future of Comparative and Translational Oncoimmunology starts here! I will be honoured to start a collaboration with Prof. Garden’s group” – Dr Aurisicchio said.


RVC London 1200