"Targeting the Stroma to hit the tumor: MMP11 as a novel target for cancer immunotherapy": this is the title of the poster present by Dr Luigi Aurisicchio at the American Association for Cancer Research.

"The objective of our study was to develop and characterize  TK002, our vaccine targeting stromal antigens expressed by cancer associated fibroblasts (CAFs).   Our results show that both arms of the immune response are important to confer the therapeutic effect. Moreover, TK002 showed synergic effects when combined with genetic vaccines targeting classic tumor associated antigens. In addition, MMP11 detection and spontaneous immune responses in the blood of breast and prostate cancer patients further corroborate MMP11 as a valid target for immune intervention.Taken together, these data support the use of MMP11 as a potential candidate for cancer immunotherapy in human clinical trials." - Takis' CEO/CSO declares.

AACR Annual Meeting Philadelphia 2015