Luigi Aurisicchio, CEO/CSO of Takis and Evvivax, in Skype connection on the Italian TV program “Otto e mezzo” conducted by Lilli Gruber.

They talked about the economic impact of Covid-19 and the efforts of researchers all over the world  to find therapeutics and vaccines against the coronavirus. The coordinated work of EMA (European Medicins Agency) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) may speed up vaccine testing and approval process, which may take about one year.

Takis and the other companies and research institutes that are developing vaccines are working together and sharing data and information in order to learn from each other and reach the goal as soon as possible. This is not a race: even if only one finds a vaccine, we all win.

Hopefully this is a big paradigm shift for scientists, drug developers and regulators. Furthermore, this can be a chance for Italy to start believing and investing a little more in scientific research and development.

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