Takis scientists are absolutely committed to find solutions to COVID-19 epidemic as soon as possible and are investing time and resources to move forward. However, the next steps up to humans will be much more expensive and being a small Biotech, we must necessarily stop. At this stage, speed is essential: we have already designed the next studies and estimated the costs. We will need approximately 2 millions, which will be used for large-scale vaccine preparation, for studies required by regulatory agencies and for the clinical study.

Spallanzani Institute and Takis can make a huge contribution to dealing with this incredible health emergency. Of course, a vaccine would be essential to protect the population at greatest risk, such as the elderly, cancer patients and healthcare professionals. For this, we are looking for funding that can help us develop the vaccine. Our goal is therefore to get as soon as possible to test the Italian vaccine against COVID-19 in humans and help the whole community to cope with this complicated health and economic situation.

We at Takis are really doing our best, we have openly declared our commitment and we will keep our promise, if we are given the opportunity. We must also see this as an opportunity to learn how to deal with future emergencies. Help us to make the Vaccine in the shortest possible time.

For donations: https://www.gofundme.com/f/il-vaccino-italiano-contro-covid19