Takis has been included in the BOOK “Attrazione per gli investimenti”, distributed at the Bio International Convention of Philadelphia, within the Italy Country Presentation.

The Country Presentation is organized by the ICE Investment Attraction Department.

We presented our product TK-NEO, an individualized therapeutic cancer vaccine against tumor specific neoantigens.  This is a patient-tailored vaccine, intended for use against locally advanced or metastatic solid tumors. Our solution is 45% cheaper than current immunotherapies: with a target market of 5000 patients per year, we expect significant incomes.

We are looking for investors to run phase I clinical trial in order to demonstrate safety, regulatory and clinical validation, before licensing to a pharma company.

TK-NEO showed promising results in the pre-clinical stage, completely healing lung cancer in humanized mice.  We are investing in this project as we are deeply aware that precision medicine  is the future and there is a compelling need for patient-tailored therapeutic solutions.

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