Dr Fabio Palombo - Cancer Vaccine group leader at Takis - presented at Boston: 

Developing a neoantigen cancer vaccine strategy by plasmid DNA and electroporation 

Neoantigen summit in Boston

Cancer vaccines based on neoantigens have rapidly reached the stage of clinical trials. In collaboration with Biogem, Takis Biotech has started a couple of years ago a research program exploring Cancer Neoantigens as potential targets for DNA vaccination. 

Dr Fabio Palombo, declared: "We have explored the use of naked DNA delivered by electroporation (EP).  A pipeline for neoantigen prediction was developed and selected neoantigens inserted in a proprietary plasmid (TK1). Intramuscular delivery of the neoantigen-expressing vector by EP was effective in inducing strong and persistent polyspecific immune responses (CD8+ IFN-g+ TNF-a+) and protecting preclinical models from tumor occurrence."

"The high level of induced immune responses as well as the impact on tumor growth support the development of this technology into a phase I clinical trial. Takis is willing to discuss the neoantigen platform in order to initiate a clinical trial in melanoma and lung cancer patients." - stated Luigi Aurisicchio, CEO/CSO at Takis.


For more info: http://neo-antigen.com/