The Aspergillus field continues in a state of rapid advancement, including the publication of numerous post-genomic papers and substantial advances in translational, immunologic, epidemiologic and diagnostic research.

The launch of several antifungals in the last few years and anticipated clinical trials of newer compounds with novel mechanisms of action is an exciting time for mycology. Pan-azole, and echinocandin resistance has emerged and requires unique approaches, and combination therapy remains an important area of interest. Greatly increased awareness of allergic aspergillosis has opened new opportunities for both antifungal agents and immunotherapies. New molecular strategies for diagnosis continue to make progress, and recent guidelines offer increased diagnostic insight. There is a continuing high death toll from invasive aspergillosis, including patient groups not usually associated with this opportunistic infection.

Takis' scientists were present at the meeting contributing at discussions, new ideas and establishment of collaboration networks.

For more information: 8th Advances Against Aspergillosis

8th Advanced Against Aspergillosis 2018