VITARES and Takis "Formazione" are proud to host Vincenzo Barnaba, Professor of Internal Medicine at the Department of Internal Medicine and Medical Specialties - Sapienza University of Rome and Director, Division of Internal Medicine B - UOC TMC 0.

Prof. Barnaba  coordinates the Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Immunology as well as the Laboratory of Proteomics at the Department of Internal Medicine - Sapienza University of Rome. He is involved in numerous research projects with national and international grants and is the author of over 100 publications with high I.F.

The title of Prof. Barnaba's Lecture is: SUPPRESSING SUPPRESSOR T CELLS

The data to be presented suggest that a high repertoire of autoreactive T cells is not deleted in the thymus and that they are governed by various overlapping mechanisms of peripheral tolerance in healthy individuals or autoimmune patients with low disease activity. Gene expression profile analyses defined peculiar differences in this repertoire, and identified the molecular pathway whereby autoreactive CD8+ T cells avoid Treg control in autoimmune patients with severe disease activity.

The meeting with Prof. Barnaba shall definitely represent food for thought and source of new ideas and collaborations!

takis formazione Barnaba