Dr Luigi Aurisicchio, CEO/CSO at Takis and Evvivax, today announced that the Team will support VITARES,  Veterinary Immunotherapy and Translational Research Association: "We are glad to host VITARES in our building and provide logistic support to the association initiatives. VITARES intends to fill the gap between Veterinary and Human Medicine Research through Education and correct scientific information on topics such as Vaccines, genetic disorders and the long path from Research to a Product. VITARES is in line with Takis' and Evvivax' spirit and complements our activities".

Logo VitaRes 

VITARES aims to promote Immunology Research and create collaborative networks between basic researchers, Human and Veterinary Medicine. To provide the knowledge tools and encourage the correct information on emerging therapies, VITARES promotes training activities at all levels: schools, patient associations, professionals in the health sector.
For more info: www.vitares.org