Construction of genetic vectors

Our Molecular Biologists have a large expertise in cloning and recombination techniques. We mainly provide:

  • Plasmid DNA
    • Endotoxin free
  • Adenoviral Vectors
    • Construction, purification and characterization


 construction of genetic vectors


 Identification of Novel Biomarkers

  • Source (human, animal):
    • Serum
    • PBMCs
    • Tumor tissue
    • Circulating Tumor Cells


  • Analysis:
    • Genomic
    • Transcriptomic
    • Proteomic


Example: A Genetic Biomarker for Lung Cancer: detection by real-time PCR

RNA isolation

RNA isolation tab



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Takis is a biotech dedicated to cancer research. Our primary objective is the development of innovative therapies based on the principle that our immune system can be “instructed” to recognize the tumor and reject it as a foreign entity.