18 July 2019 – Takis presents its innovation at “Health Technology and new algorithms for Artificial Intelligence”, Tecnopolo Tiburtino, Rome

Luigi Aurisicchio, CEO/CSO at Takis, has been invited to the event organized by Tecnopolo S.p.A and dedicated to Health Technology and Artificial Intelligence.

The meeting brings togheter companies and academic institutions involved in the study and experimentation of concrete technological solutions in medical field.

Dr. Aurisicchio will deliver a speech about Takis research in precision medicine, as we are developing a personalized cancer vaccine against tumor specific neoantigens (TK-NEO). This is a patient-tailored therapy with the potential to target metastatic and solid tumors, which we already validated in preclinical models.

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Technological innovation has a great impact on health and medicine. This is where we make our contribution by implementing innovative individualized therapies based on the immune system against cancer and rare diseases.


4 July 2019 – Takis takes part in the event “Lazio2030: insieme per innovare”

Our CEO/CSO Luigi Aurisicchio has been invited to the event “Lazio2030: insieme per innovare”, because Takis is among the companies that have successfully used regional support to invest in research and innovation.

Since we have decided to invest and create innovation and employment in Lazio region, we have managed to keep the excellent reputation of Italian research by bringing new therapeutic solutions for cancer patients into pre-clinical and clinical stages.

To learn more about Takis’ Rever3mAb, MenHub, High Throughput mAbsclick here ...

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We are proud to have become part of this community and never going to stop believing in the value of scientific research.


4 June 2019 - Takis semifinalist at the European Health Catapult

Takis qualified as a semifinalist at the European Health Catapult organized by EIT Health with the support of the Health Axis Europe. This makes  us among the 14 best biotech companies in Europe!

EIT Health is a network of the best-in-class health innovators backed by the EU, aimed at ensuring a longer and healthier life for European citizens.

European Health Catapult is a training and competition programme that awards the best business concepts from medtech, biotech and digital health across Europe.

Dr Fabio Palombo, Head of Personalized Cancer Vaccine program, will attend the semi-finals in Delft from 24-26 September 2019, where we will participate in Training and Selection Days. This is a great opportunity for us to get high quality training in business plan modeling, deal negotiation and pitch as well as to extend our network and approach top level investors.

We are really looking forward to this amazing experience. We are ready to do our best to enhance Italian research in Europe.  

Read about: https://www.europeanhealthcatapult.eu/about/

3-6 June 2019 – Takis looking for investors at the Bio International Convention of Philadelphia

Takis has been included in the BOOK “Attrazione per gli investimenti”, distributed at the Bio International Convention of Philadelphia, within the Italy Country Presentation.

The Country Presentation is organized by the ICE Investment Attraction Department.

We presented our product TK-NEO, an individualized therapeutic cancer vaccine against tumor specific neoantigens.  This is a patient-tailored vaccine, intended for use against locally advanced or metastatic solid tumors. Our solution is 45% cheaper than current immunotherapies: with a target market of 5000 patients per year, we expect significant incomes.

We are looking for investors to run phase I clinical trial in order to demonstrate safety, regulatory and clinical validation, before licensing to a pharma company.

TK-NEO showed promising results in the pre-clinical stage, completely healing lung cancer in humanized mice.  We are investing in this project as we are deeply aware that precision medicine  is the future and there is a compelling need for patient-tailored therapeutic solutions.

Read about Takis:ITALY AT BIO International Convention - Philadelphia


27 May 2019 - Takis is on Radio Cusano Campus

Our CEO/CSO Luigi Aurisicchio has been interviewd at Radio Cusano Campus, on the programme “Genetica oggi”. He summarized Takis research in the field of oncology and rare diseases.

Our company uses innovative and personalized technology to harness the immune system and increase life expectancy of patients. We made it possible thanks to a young and multidisciplinary team of scientists, with industrial and pharmaceutical backgrounds, able to develop drugs and transform basic research into real life.

We were delighted to make the public aware of our story and mission. Research in Italy has been having a hard time. Still, there are institutions like ours  that do high level research with passion and commitment.

Listen to the interview (in Italian): https://www.tag24.it/podcast/luigi-aurisicchio-nuovi-farmaci-e-vaccini-antitumorali/

10 May 2019 – Takis: without research there is no cure

We are happy to share with you this video shot in our laboratories. This is an overview of our company and wonderful team, made up of experienced and passionate researchers.

Our CEO/CSO Luigi Aurisicchio has described our current projects in cancer immunotherapy and personalized vaccines. “Takis represents an excellence among biotech companies in Italy. Not only we do high-level research, but we also create job opportunities in Rome to develop new drugs and help patients with cancer”, he said.

Enjoy the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ctn5zxnFpyo