3-6 June 2019 – Takis looking for investors at the Bio International Convention of Philadelphia

Takis has been included in the BOOK “Attrazione per gli investimenti”, distributed at the Bio International Convention of Philadelphia, within the Italy Country Presentation.

The Country Presentation is organized by the ICE Investment Attraction Department.

We presented our product TK-NEO, an individualized therapeutic cancer vaccine against tumor specific neoantigens.  This is a patient-tailored vaccine, intended for use against locally advanced or metastatic solid tumors. Our solution is 45% cheaper than current immunotherapies: with a target market of 5000 patients per year, we expect significant incomes.

We are looking for investors to run phase I clinical trial in order to demonstrate safety, regulatory and clinical validation, before licensing to a pharma company.

TK-NEO showed promising results in the pre-clinical stage, completely healing lung cancer in humanized mice.  We are investing in this project as we are deeply aware that precision medicine  is the future and there is a compelling need for patient-tailored therapeutic solutions.

Read about Takis:ITALY AT BIO International Convention - Philadelphia


27 May 2019 - Takis is on Radio Cusano Campus

Our CEO/CSO Luigi Aurisicchio has been interviewd at Radio Cusano Campus, on the programme “Genetica oggi”. He summarized Takis research in the field of oncology and rare diseases.

Our company uses innovative and personalized technology to harness the immune system and increase life expectancy of patients. We made it possible thanks to a young and multidisciplinary team of scientists, with industrial and pharmaceutical backgrounds, able to develop drugs and transform basic research into real life.

We were delighted to make the public aware of our story and mission. Research in Italy has been having a hard time. Still, there are institutions like ours  that do high level research with passion and commitment.

Listen to the interview (in Italian): https://www.tag24.it/podcast/luigi-aurisicchio-nuovi-farmaci-e-vaccini-antitumorali/

10 May 2019 – Takis: without research there is no cure

We are happy to share with you this video shot in our laboratories. This is an overview of our company and wonderful team, made up of experienced and passionate researchers.

Our CEO/CSO Luigi Aurisicchio has described our current projects in cancer immunotherapy and personalized vaccines. “Takis represents an excellence among biotech companies in Italy. Not only we do high-level research, but we also create job opportunities in Rome to develop new drugs and help patients with cancer”, he said.

Enjoy the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ctn5zxnFpyo

9 April 2019 - TAKIS announces a collaboration partnership with TRIANNI

Rome, April 9, 2019 - Takis S.r.l. (“TAKIS”) and Trianni, Inc. ("TRIANNI") today announced Takis access to the Trianni mice platform as service provider.

TAKIS is proud to announce that the Company can now offer antibody generation services to using the Trianni Mouse™. TRIANNI is a biotech company specialized in antibody discovery technology and TAKIS is now able to provide fully human monoclonal antibodies for Clients that hold a license for the use of the Trianni mouse.

TRIANNI’s lead technology, The Trianni Mouse™ enables efficient generation of fully-human monoclonal antibodies. TRIANNI's transgenic platform leverages a novel approach to design made possible by advances in DNA synthesis and genomic modification technology making it a best-in-class therapeutic antibody discovery platform.

Dr Giuseppe Roscilli, Director of the Antibody Department at Takis, stated: “Takis has a thorough experience in the development of custom monoclonal antibodies and the Trianni Mouse integration with our antibody generation technologies, especially with in vivo electro-gene-transfer of plasmid DNA (DNA-EGT) vaccination system, allows to provide our worldwide customers with an efficient platform for the discovery and development of fully human antibodies”.

Dr. Luigi Aurisicchio, CEO of Takis, stated: "We are happy to be chosen by Trianni for antibody discovery services. With the aim to offer best-in-class services to our Clients, Takis has been looking for technologies that would allow the efficient generation of humanized antibody. The Trianni Mouse is a unique platform to develop fully human monoclonal antibodies and it is now an integral component of our service portfolio."

"We are pleased to have Takis provide services using the Trianni mouse" stated Matthias Wabl, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO of TRIANNI. "This collaboration allows Customers that have a license for the Trianni platform to access the Takis expertise and vaccination technologies”.


About Takis S.r.l.
Takis is a privately held organization, founded in 2009 by former Merck Research Laboratories employees. The group has more than 15 years of experience and an established track record in drug discovery in Oncology and is recognized for the conception and implementation of a number of innovative technologies. One of the main assets of Takis is the expertise in in vivo Electro-Gene-Transfer (DNA-EGT), which can be used for a variety of clinically useful applications, from vaccine development to somatic gene therapy to antibody development. Takis pipeline include four Cancer Vaccine candidates based on this technology. Takis is actively involved in the generation of humanized monoclonal antibodies for use in Oncology and Infectious Diseases. Takis operates worldwide as a Contract Research Organization providing the highest quality and integrated drug discovery solutions, covering all activities from target-to-clinic to meet the industry's need for innovation and efficiency in drug discovery. Takis has established multiple service and discovery agreements with Biotech and Pharma partners, among them Alfasigma and Italfarmaco in Oncology and inflammatory diseases, Incyte and Boehringer Ingelheim for Immune-Oncology, Johnson & Johnson’s for Immunology, Glaxo-Smith-Kline for Antibody generation. For additional information please go to www.takisbiotech.it.

About Trianni, Inc.
Trianni is a privately held organization, formed in 2010 with a mission to use recent advances in DNA synthesis and genomic modification technology for the development of an optimized therapeutic antibody discovery platform, The Trianni Mouse. The company has research and administrative facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area (CA, USA) and in Research Triangle Park (NC, USA). For more information, please visit www.trianni.com.


Contacts- TAKIS
Giuseppe Roscilli, PhD
Director, Monoclonal Antibody Department
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Contacts- TRIANNI
Mandy Boyd
Director of Marketing
1.415.231.0256 [o]
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SOURCE Takis S.r.l. (www.takisbiotech.it)

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11 March 2019 – Takis appears on Il Corriere della Sera newspaper

This week "Il Corriere della Sera" published an article in the Biotechnology section describing our product Rever3mAb. This is a monoclonal antibody able to “revert” resistance to conventional anticancer therapies.

Research on biological drugs is expected to revolutionize cancer treatment: we are working hard to bring Rever3mab to clinical practice, in order to really make a change in the life of patients. 

The article also mentions VITARES and our committment to raise people’s awareness of the importance of scientific and translational research for the implementation of effective anticancer therapies.

We are proud to coordinate this amazing project!

For more information: Progetto: REVER3MAB - UE, Stato e Regione



1 March 2019 – Listen about Takis and VITARES on the Radio!

Luigi Aurisicchio, CEO/CSO at Takis, has been interviewed at Radio Roma Capitale – Live Social. He told the listeners about the story of Takis, Evvivax and VITARES, all born in the amazing technological center at Castel Romano, near Rome, where high-level research and innovation are constantly pursued in a highly stimulating scientific environment.  

He summarized Takis research for the generation of anticancer vaccines, immunological treatments and new drugs against rare diseases. He also described our commitment to create networks of collaboration between Human and Veterinary Medicine for Translational Research.

Listen to the interview (in Italian): LiveSocial